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Better Light, Better Life. We will make the world a better place. KOEN will present shining future for you.
Better Light, Better Life. We will make the world a better place. KOEN will present shining future for you.



World-class, high-tech, and eco-friendly

Yeongheung Power Division

Introducing the Worksite

Yeongheung Power Division is the first 800MWclass coalfired thermal power plant in Korea with high efficiency and cutting-edge/eco-friendly equipment, supplying about 23% of the power consumption of the metropolitan area and playing a pivotal role in supplying stable power to the area. In addition, it is becoming Clean & Smart Energy Complex through the operation of 8MWp Solar Photovoltaic Plant, 12.6MW Small Hydro Plant, 46MW Wind Farm Complex and ESS (Energy Storage System). Meanwhile, the Energy Park, which opened in 2007, received more than one million visitors in nine years, growing into an edutainment pavilion where students can easily understand and experience electricity generation principles, power generation process, and other technologies. It has become a tourist attraction as well as a science education center for children, and a cultural life space for local residents in the metropolitan area.

INFORMATION 070-8898-3114

General Status

Yeongheung Division General Status - Location, Site, Production Capacity, Completion, Type of Fuel
Location Oe-ri Yeongheung-myeon Ongjin-gun, Incheon
Site 5,958,153 ㎡
Capacity 5,080MW
-800MW X 2 Unit(No. 1,2)
-870MW X 4 Unit(No. 3,4,5,6)
  • No.1 Unit : Jul. 12. 2004
  • No.2 Unit : Nov. 28. 2004
  • No.3 Unit : Jun. 30. 2008
  • No.4 Unit : Dec. 31. 2008
  • No.5 Unit : Jun. 10. 2014
  • No.6 Unit : Nov. 05. 2014
Fuel Type Bituminous Coal


Clean power for people and nature

Samcheonpo Power Division

Introducing the Worksite

Samcheonpo Power Division has the first 500MW class capacity coal-fired thermal power plant in Korea that boasts a total installed capacity of 3,240MW in southern Korea. Its focus is the development of eco-friendly combustion technology utilizing low calorie coal, installing cutting-edge environmental equipment such as desulfurization/denitrification equipment, and operating a refining plant for coal ash recycling. It is growing into a global energy company which creates the future by proactively responding to global climate environment with the production of environmentally friendly energy through the first commercial operation of solar power generation in Korea and development/operation of 6,000 kW marine hydroelectric power plant using the cooling water, which is the first in the world, in addition to initiating low carbon green growth.

INFORMATION 070-8898-2000

General Status

Samcheonpo Division General Status - Location, Site, Production Capacity, Completion, Type of Fuel
Location Gyeingsangnam-do Geseong-gun
Hai-myeon Deoho-ri 952
Site 2,210,000 ㎡
Capacity 2,120 MW
-560MW X 2 Unit(No. 3,4)
-500MW X 2 Unit(No. 5,6)
  • No.3 Unit : Apr. 30. 1993
  • No.4 Unit : Mar. 31. 1994
  • No.5 Unit : Jul. 1. 1997
  • No.6 Unit : Jun. 1. 1998
Fuel Type Bituminous Coal (No. 3,4)
Sub-Bituminous Coal (No. 5,6)


An urban park power plant

Bundang Power Division

Introducing the Worksite

Bundang Power Plant began to be built in May 1991 to fulfill the local power demand. It was completed twice in 1993 (570MW: GT 5 units/ ST 1 unit) and 1997 (350MW: GT 3 units / ST 1 unit). In addition, the Bundang Power Division uses LNG, a clean fuel, to produce electricity and heat supplied to the metropolitan area, and through the continuous improvement of environmental equipment, such as noise prevention, it has reemerged as an eco-friendly power plant producing minimal environmental pollution and accomplished Industrial Disaster Free for 22 years in 2018. Bundang Power Division installed the first fuel cells in Korea, which now has a total capacity of 39.89MW, and the Sun Tree & Sun Flower solar power equipment is in operation. Based on the mission to "respect humanity, conserve nature, and fulfill social responsibilities," it works with local residents to embody a hopeful future society that will enable all citizens to enjoy a rich and happy life and create a caring and sharing community through various CSR activities such as the Sharing Volunteers, etc

INFORMATION 070-8898-6000

General Status

Bundang Division General Status - Location, Site, Production Capacity, Completion, Type of Fuel
Location 186 Bundang-dong Bundang-gi Sungnam-shi, Gyunggi-do
Site 215,016 ㎡
Capacity 922 MW
-Gas turbine 622MW (77.758MW X 8 Unit)
-Steam turbine 300MW (185MW, 115MW)
  • No.1 Phase 1: Sep 16, 1993
  • No.2 Phase 2: Mar 31, 1997
Fuel Type LNG, Diesel


Eco-friendly power for the environment and the community

Yeongdong Eco Power Division

Introducing the Worksite

Yeongdong Eco Power Division operates power plants with history and tradition that has produced stable electricity for more than 40 years since the completion of the first unit 1973 and the second unit in 1979, which towed the economic growth in Gangwon Province. It made contributions to national development by mixing the anthracite produced in the nearby coal mines and overcoming the crisis created by Typhoon Rusa thanks to the dedication of the employees. In 2017 and 2020, the first and the largest wood pellet-firing system in Korea was introduced to Unit 1 and 2, in order to respond to the deterioration of equipment efficiency due to long-term operation, and to accomplish a more environment-friendly power generation. The division will do its best for the eco-friendly power supply and local economy, and as a public energy corporation, it will take the road to co-existence by fulfilling the social responsibility with diverse sharing activities.

INFORMATION 070-8898-4000

General Status

Yeongdong Division General Status - Location, Site, Production Capacity, Completion, Type of Fuel
Location 99 YeomJeon-gil, Gangdong-myon, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, Korea
Site 1,359,018 ㎡
Capacity 325 MW
-125MW X 1 Unit(No. 1)
-200MW X 1 Unit(No. 2)
  • No.1 Unit 1: May 23, 1973
    Jun 30, 2017 (completion of fuel conversion to wood pellet)
  • No.2 Unit 2: Oct 31, 1979
    Sep 29, 2020 (completion of fuel conversion to wood pellet)
Fuel Type Wood Pellet


Leader of green growth

Yeosu Power Division

Introducing the Worksite

Initially constructed as oil-fueled power plant in 1997, Yeosu Power Division has converted its facilities to fluidized-bed power plant that consumes affordable and more diverse fuels, in order to respond to the changing environment of power generation and operate the facility more efficiently. Oil-fueled boiler of Unit 2 (300MW) was replaced with fluidized-bed boiler (328.6 MW) in September 2011, and Unit 1 (200MW) was also reconstructed to 340MW in August 2016 with an additional oil-fueled boiler for the reliable power supply to the neighboring area and Yeosu National Industrial Complex. In particular, the division is leading the green management such as reduction of greenhouse gas through environment-friendly mixed fuel combustion, development of new and renewable energy, etc. In recognition of these achievements, the division received JIPM Environment & Safety Prize (2018), Prime Minister Award for Green Management (2016). Yeosu Plant is eco-friendly and safe power plant whose excellence in safety management won Grand Prize in Safety Award (2014), and is certified by KOSHA / OHSAS 18001.

INFORMATION 070-8898-5000

General Status

Yeosu Division General Status - Location, Site, Production Capacity, Completion, Type of Fuel
Location 1,300 Jungheung-dong Yeosu-shi, Jeolia-nam-do
Site 309,173.5 ㎡
Capacity 668.6 MW
1 Unit
  • No.1 Unit 1: Aug 31, 2016
  • No.2 Unit 2: Sep 28, 2011
Fuel Type Bituminous Coal